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C-Side Media is being transitioned into WordPress. Some of the old content may not be here yet, but there's also new stuff. Take a look:

  • Works (mostly visual art and poetry)
  • City of Masks, the blog for the novel (speculative fiction: a city where everyone must wear masks and act in character at all times)
  • Gu, the blog which is the novel (SF: a documentary about a product that can take any shape, 15 years after its invention)
  • The Y People, the other blog which is the novel (YA spec fic: young people with powers try to figure out why they have them and how to be decent human beings), on probably permanent hiatus
  • The Gryphon Clerks, the blog about the novel (steampunk fantasy with heroic civil servants)

If you're looking for the book and CD Changing Health Behaviours it's for sale at Hypno NZ.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Mike Reeves-McMillan

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