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  • Works (mostly visual art and poetry)
  • City of Masks, the blog for the novel (speculative fiction: a city where everyone must wear masks and act in character at all times)
  • Gu, the blog which is the novel (SF: a documentary about a product that can take any shape, 15 years after its invention)
  • The Y People, the other blog which is the novel (YA spec fic: young people with powers try to figure out why they have them and how to be decent human beings), on probably permanent hiatus
  • The Gryphon Clerks, the blog about the novels (steampunk fantasy with heroic civil servants)
  • Short Stories, a site collecting my short fiction
  • The Well-Presented Manuscript, a nonfiction book on fixing common mistakes in order to make your writing more impressive to editors and readers

Thanks for stopping by.

- Mike Reeves-McMillan

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