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I've got so much happening now in short stories that I needed to give them their own page. My novels are here.

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Good Neighbours and Other Stories

Good Neighbours coverThis is my solo collection from HDWP Books.

Not every story has to be an adventure. Not every hero has to be young, or noble, or mighty. When you don’t have a Chosen One, anyone’s story can be important.

In these twelve stories, we meet a little old lady, several government clerks, a smelly shaman — and the religious scholar who befriends him — an oppressed servant, a man whose business is to help his neighbours help each other, and even someone whose only distinction is an unusual name. Every one of them finds a way to be a hero.

You can get Good Neighbours here:


This anthology features my story "Not Like Us", which deals with the botched invasion of the beasthead lands that's depicted in Realmgolds, from the point of view of one of the beastheads.

You can get Theme-Thology: Invasion here:

(The story is republished in Good Neighbours and Other Stories.)

Theme-Thology: New Myths

NewMyths_coverThis anthology features my story "Where Is Your Breath?", a tale of a smelly shaman and a pious Asterist scholar and their unlikely friendship. It doesn't, as yet, relate to any specific bit of continuity in the Gryphon Clerks novels, but it takes place in the same world.

You can get Theme-Thology: New Myths here:

(The story is republished in Good Neighbours and Other Stories.)

Theme-Thology: Real World Unreal

theme_thology_real_world_unreal_200x300This anthology features "Weave", in which a mysterious event interrupts a routine shopping trip to my local mall.

You can get Theme-Thology: Real World Unreal here:

(The story is republished in Good Neighbours and Other Stories.)

The Sockdolager

SockdolagerMy short story "Wearing the Hat" appeared in The Sockdolager for Spring 2015. It features a Denninger shopkeeper (in the Gryphon Clerks setting, but off to the side from the main events) who is forced into a difficult choice.

It's essentially a Western, in a slightly steampunked secondary-world fantasy setting.

The Fall 2015 issue of The Sockdolager includes my story "Lock and Key," in which a clever alchemist in an Arabian-Nights setting solves several murders and thwarts the assassination of the sultan.

Alternate Hilarities 3: Hysterical Realms

Hysterical RealmsThis anthology of funny fantasy from Strange Musings Press includes my story "Axe Stone: Svart Detective," a noir tale set in a mashup of a sword-and-sorcery city and the 1930s New York of Damon Runyon, complete with Runyonese narration from the eponymous dwarf detective.

You can get Hysterical Realms here:


New Realm Vol. 02 No. 03 (December 2013)

New Realm magazineMy short story "Good Neighbours" appears in this volume of New Realm, the fantasy title of

Set just after Gnome Day, it's the story of an elderly woman who discovers courage when she answers the classic question: Who is my neighbour?

You can get the magazine here:

(The story is republished in Good Neighbours and Other Stories.)


In Memory

This tribute anthology to Sir Terry Pratchett, in support of Alzheimer's research, will feature my story "There's a Tattoo, but the Robes Hide It".

For the Dark Lord's consort, leaving him isn't easy. The best of a bad set of choices is a deal with the trickster god, Enkeli. But naturally, there's a catch...

The Overcast

A future episode of this podcast will feature "Something Rich and Strange." A Victorian miss in an alternate version of our world finds her true self at the Change Storm, the bizarre natural phenomenon that her father studies.

Stupefying Stories Showcase

Both my flash piece "Antimirus" and my short story "Alix and the Dragon" will appear in Stupefying Stories Showcase, at dates yet to be determined.

Makers of Magic

A themed solo collection. I'm writing 13 stories in 12 settings (two Gryphon Clerks ones), each involving a different kind of magic user.

Because I want to sell as many of the stories as I can to magazines and anthologies first, and then have to wait for the rights to revert, this one is scheduled for 2017.

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Mike Reeves-McMillan lives in Auckland, New Zealand, the setting of his Auckland Allies contemporary urban fantasy series; and also in his head, where the weather is more reliable, and there are a lot more wizards. He also writes the Gryphon Clerks series (steampunk/magepunk), the Hand of the Trickster series (sword-and-sorcery heist capers), and short stories which have appeared in venues such as Compelling Science Fiction and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.

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