Mar 02

Research Institute

Founded by Master-Mage Amiable for research into magic, including the recovered magic of the elves, and the knowledge of gnomes, as well as new materials and processes. Basement contains projects on fungi, yeasts, etc.

The Clever Man's Works are now a part of the Institute.

Senior Director: Amiable - does public relations, interfaces with the Inner Council, University of Illene and Council of Mages
Operations Director: Gizmo - runs things day-to-day
Research Director: Blessed of Reedford (unfashionably long, raven-black hair, prominent nose) - responsible for the researchers and publication.
Commercial Director: Encouragement Limner (tall, thin, salt-and-pepper hair) - responsible for the finances and direct profitability. Abundance Tailor was appointed as Commercial Director briefly, apparently so that the Master-Mage could make a point to her about prejudice, since she was unable to work with Gizmo and was fired.
Head of the hardlac section: Prominent.

Mar 02

Realmgold’s Creatives

The Realmgold's Creatives are artists, inventors, innovators, philosophers and the like who are supported by Victory in order that they may dedicate themselves to their creative work without worrying about where their next meal is coming from. She provides housing, medical care, and assistants whose job it is to make the creativity practical and, preferably, profitable.

The creatives may sell their works to anyone, but the Realmgold has first option, and takes an eighth of their profit if they sell to anyone else (as cost recovery). If a creative comes up with something that can be replicated, like an invention, they get license income - standard is 1/32nd of retail.

The Realmgold's representative to and from the creatives is her factor, a cheerfully out-of-shape, casual, matter-of-fact middle-aged man named Hardy Fuller.

Dignified Printer is initially under this scheme, until he is transferred to the Research Institute. So is the political philosopher Perspicacity Weaver.

Mar 02

Realm Agents

Originally known as the Realmgold's Agents, briefly as the Realmgolds' Agents after Unification; the more neutral Realm Agents was adopted to emphasize their political neutrality in the service of the realm.

Under Glorious, functioned as secret police directed against the political opponents of the realmgold, and were usually referred to as the Black Agents because of their dress (when not undercover).

They carry silver badges marked with an eye and the motto (in Elvish) "Always Vigilant".

Victory purged them, got rid of the psychos, torturers and stormtroopers and made them an anti-corruption, anti-tax-evasion and anti-organised-crime force.

They also have equivalents of the Denninger Intelligencers, who gather intelligence on neighbouring realms.


Victory offered amnesty early in her reign for corrupt judges, Golds and other public officials. If you ceased taking bribes immediately and registered on the amnesty list, you wouldn't be prosecuted for earlier actions or forced to hand over your takings. Widely ignored, until the prosecutions started, then there was a rush of registrations. Of course, this gave the agents a list of self-confessed bribe-takers to keep an eye on...

When corruption implicates a Gold, they have the option of donating an assessed sum for the furtherance of education, or losing their title, whereupon the family must elect a new head. Some have had to give up their mansions as school premises. Others who attempted to do so have been blocked by their families and forced to resign. Those who saved up the money or spent it on something that could be resold are able to get away with it and keep their homes and titles, but they are carefully watched.

This has created three things:

1. Lots of well-endowed schools.

2. A number of new Golds who owe their position to Victory.

3. Some resentful, formerly corrupt Golds who have joined the Tried and True party.

A corrupt localgold will be required to fund a local school, but corrupt central government officials fund the Clerks' College and the law schools, providing scholarships for the impoverished.

Victory's aim is that every Koskant citizen can receive a good education, fair and just treatment in the courts, and good government regardless of ability to pay.

The agents are intensively conditioned (using mindmagic) to be resistant to bribery, and attempting to bribe them attracts a fine five times the amount offered. The agent who resists a bribe and gets the would-be briber convicted is decorated and rewarded with a bonus.

Organised Crime

The agents target organised crime through unaccountable earnings as well as street informants.

Proceeds of crime (and tax evasion) are confiscated and used to help fund the Agents and the Clerks' College.


There are still some radical dissidents left in the artists' quarter of Gulfport. The wind has been taken out of their sails to a large degree because Victory has given the people the reforms that they actually care about, so most of the remaining dissidents are campaigning for the implementation of obscure, complex, unworkable political or economic theories that only they understand. But the Agents keep a very quiet eye on them in case they do anything violent.

Most of the more violent dissidents have either been caught or switched over to organised crime.

After the Unification War, most of the focus on dissidents shifted to the Denninger loyalists, both in and out of the Reversionist Party.


The main intelligence-gathering foci are the Human Purity movement and the pirates of the Corsair Coast. Both have been infiltrated.

A few intelligencers do monitor neighbouring nations as part of the diplomatic missions to those nations, but they don't do much more than keep a finger on the pulse. Koslin is not at war with any of its neighbours or planning to be in the near future.


Senior Agent Conquest: tall, about 35, touch of harshness in the jawline, moves like military.
Agent Apt
Active Hedger

Fidelity Sutter, senior agent in charge of protecting the infrastructure of Lakeside Koslin.

Valley Carter, senior agent. He has three small children with his oathmate. Notably lacking in prejudice.

Innocent Carter (no relation), an analyst.

Wood, Wisdom, Devotion: field agents who work with Piston and Active. Wood is promoted to investigator.


Mar 02


A pretty gnome woman with short chestnut hair. Worked as a hairdresser while a member of the Underground around Gnome Day; later a candidate for the Gnome Party. Angry, and not a fan of Bucket and Briar.
Bucket had a crush on her when she was his contact in the Underground, but it never led to anything.

Mar 02


Countygold of Southern Shore, a poised woman in her late 30s whose legs are replaced with a steam-powered walking machine. She is a former Realmgold's Agent who lost her limbs protecting the Realmgold before her accession to the demesne. A dead shot with a rifle.

She was at school with Victory, a few years ahead of her.

Mar 02


Always known as Mistress Pintuck, this gnome seamstress is a cousin of one of the gnomes at the Clever Man's Works. She and her workers own the business, having taken it over after Gnome Day. Her shop is in the old town in Illene.

Makes a ruby-red Victory suit for Hope at Merrybourne for her presentation to the airhorse investors. Hope subsequently wears this suit on other formal occasions.

Also equips Rosie Printer with more flattering clothes. Later provides Bucket with a "gnome suit".

She is middle-aged and plump, has a no-nonsense manner and a thick gnomish accent. Widely respected in the gnome community and beyond.

Mar 02


Daughter of Gizmo and Fold, and friend of Ladle and, later, Braise. Secretly (at first) wants to study engineering, and eventually does so.

Mar 02


Production foreman at the Clever Man's Works until he resigns when Wheel is promoted over him. One of the punishment group who was with Valve and Gizmo when they rescued Cruet, Wheel and Braise, he always resented that he'd had to abandon a promising relationship in order to go into hiding afterwards. Betrayed Valve's secret to Talker Tree.

Has straight brown hair, going grey, and a scrubby beard.

Jan 09

Hundred Counties

The actual name in Pektal is "Eighty-One Counties", but since neither is accurate (there are currently 93, not all of them counties), "Hundred Counties" will do.

This is a region in which a number of small, fiercely independent demesnes resist integration under any one rule and fight among themselves. A couple of the larger ones, Longriver and Mertven, are actually provinces, and some of the very small ones are not large enough to be counties and are ruled by independent Localgolds.

Mertven is known for being ruled not by a Provincegold but by an elected Assembly.