My stories are now numerous, and you’ll find them here:

  • Gryphon Clerks, lightly steampunked/magepunk secondary-world fantasy series; technology-driven social change, seen through the eyes of a diverse and good-hearted cast (wiki is here);
  • Auckland Allies, contemporary urban fantasy series; a team of underpowered practitioners use magic, technology, and the occasional con job to defend their city from takeover by sinister opponents;
  • Hand of the Trickster, sword-and-sorcery series; Leverage meets Lankhmar as a Robin Hood-like hero and his heist crew take on a corrupt empire of gods and magic;
  • City of Masks, standalone fantasy of manners/mystery; in a city where appearance is reality, a naive, well-meaning diplomat and his radical servant set out to solve a series of murders and prevent an assassination;
  • Short Stories, widely varied, from fantastical post-Zelaznian worlds of wonder to nearish-future SF based on technology being worked on today; my stories have appeared in a number of professional and semi-professional magazines and anthologies.

Read samples of the above on this site. There are also some translations available into other languages.

The common factors between most of my stories are adventure; humour; characters of noble intent struggling against the odds (I’m part of the “noblebright” fantasy movement, explicitly the opposite of “grimdark”); and no-nonsense, capable women collaborating with men who respect them.

Other People’s Books

I used to maintain a directory of other indie books worth reading; I haven’t updated it in a while, and these days indie and trad books are not as different for the reader as they used to be. More recently, I’ve been doing annual roundups of the best books I read (from all sources) in the year just gone, with links to my Goodreads reviews.


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