My stories are now numerous, and you'll find them here:

  • Gryphon Clerks, lightly steampunked secondary-world fantasy series; technology-driven social change, seen through the eyes of a diverse and good-hearted cast;
  • Auckland Allies, contemporary urban fantasy series; a team of underpowered practitioners use magic, technology, and the occasional con job to defend their city from takeover by sinister opponents;
  • Hand of the Trickster, sword-and-sorcery series; Leverage meets Lankhmar as a Robin Hood-like hero and his heist crew take on a corrupt empire of gods and magic;
  • City of Masks, standalone fantasy of manners/mystery; in a city where appearance is reality, a naive, well-meaning diplomat and his radical servant set out to solve a series of murders and prevent an assassination;
  • Short Stories, widely varied, from fantastical post-Zelaznian worlds of wonder to nearish-future SF based on technology being worked on today; my stories have appeared in a number of professional and semi-professional magazines and anthologies.

The common factors between most of my stories are adventure; humour; characters of noble intent struggling against the odds (I'm part of the "noblebright" fantasy movement, explicitly the opposite of "grimdark"); and no-nonsense, capable women collaborating with men who respect them.


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Mike Reeves-McMillan lives in Auckland, New Zealand, the setting of his Auckland Allies contemporary urban fantasy series; and also in his head, where the weather is more reliable, and there are a lot more wizards. He also writes the Gryphon Clerks series (steampunk/magepunk), the Hand of the Trickster series (sword-and-sorcery heist capers), and short stories which have appeared in venues such as Compelling Science Fiction and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.

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