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Professor Allan Scott is dressed in a girl’s school uniform, a blonde wig, and robes, and reading a volume entitled Hogwarts: A History. He puts it down and smiles at us welcomingly through his now rather incongruous white beard. “Yupe,” … Continue reading

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Allan Scott is back, dressed this time as Elminster from the Forgotten Realms novels – as a helpful metadata tag informs you. “Nerdreference. That’s the technical term for what’s going on with a lot of Gu-related names,” he says. “Think … Continue reading

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Guristas, Tumbleweeds and Syndicates

Back to Professor Scott, who is now dressed as Terry Pratchett’s Rincewind. “Guristas, yes, a beautiful portmanteau word,” he says, having evidently watched the previous scene. “And let’s observe the terms that are used for different kinds of travelers. There … Continue reading

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The Gu of Names

When Susan Halwaz’s latest documentary dex Gu begins, you are in her body. Facing you – you are in comfortable chairs, under a shade-sail in a tropical setting – is a middle-aged woman, dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, quietly … Continue reading

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