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“Any communications technology is, sooner or later, going to be used for a sexual purpose,” you say. “No, scratch that – there’s no ‘sooner or later’. Sooner.” Reverse shot to Halwaz’s perspective, revealing that you began this scene from the … Continue reading

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Allan Scott is back, dressed this time as Elminster from the Forgotten Realms novels – as a helpful metadata tag informs you. “Nerdreference. That’s the technical term for what’s going on with a lot of Gu-related names,” he says. “Think … Continue reading

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Does Whatever a Spider/Frog/Gecko Can

Suddenly and shockingly, you are in explosive movement, leaping out of a crowd on a New York street to stick briefly to a wall, then shooting out a long thready limb to an overhead flagpole while in mid-leap high above … Continue reading

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To Protect and to Serve

We’re back at the Gu launch again. By now everyone has been served canap├ęs. The attendees have twisted round in their seats and are watching the two Gu figures put down their trays at the back of the room, which … Continue reading

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