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Professor Allan Scott is dressed in a girl’s school uniform, a blonde wig, and robes, and reading a volume entitled Hogwarts: A History. He puts it down and smiles at us welcomingly through his now rather incongruous white beard. “Yupe,” … Continue reading

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Spread Across the World

Ngo Cong An is also known as Andy Ngo. He’s 16 years old, chunky, and wears his hair in a buzz cut. He sits in a traditional Vietnamese home – wooden, built on stilts, with a thatched roof – and … Continue reading

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Cracking Gu

Footage: A carnival float. Cheerful people in anime coses are waving from it. Suddenly, their coses attack them and they fall thrashing and choking to the ground. Reset: Same float. This time, the coses suddenly stiffen, then lurch from the … Continue reading

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Allan Scott is back, dressed this time as Elminster from the Forgotten Realms novels – as a helpful metadata tag informs you. “Nerdreference. That’s the technical term for what’s going on with a lot of Gu-related names,” he says. “Think … Continue reading

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The Last Manufactured Thing?

The memory ends, and you are back in the tropical heat, breeze on your skin, scent of frangipani, but this time still in Arnold’s body, looking at Halwaz. Surprisingly, fifteen years have made a positive difference. Arnold is fitter and … Continue reading

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The Gu of Names

When Susan Halwaz’s latest documentary dex Gu begins, you are in her body. Facing you – you are in comfortable chairs, under a shade-sail in a tropical setting – is a middle-aged woman, dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, quietly … Continue reading

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