Background Information

This is a page of links to external information related to the Auckland Allies novels (I have no control over these, and they could vanish without warning), and reference photos and videos I have taken to work from.

In Auckland Allies (the first book), Sally and Sparx escape from the Blokes in Black via St Kevin's Arcade and Myers Park. Here's the reference video I took, using a head-mounted GoPro camera:

In Ghost Bridge, the statue of Zealandia plays an important role. You can read all about it, and see some photos, on the excellent Timespanner blog, and get more information about Zealandia on Wikipedia. Here's the original New Zealand coat of arms, which shows her as Sally encountered her:

NZ coat of arms (1911)

You'll find further background on the Symonds Street Cemetery on Forgotten New Zealand. Here are a few photos I took of the graves under the bridge (which my talented cover artist, Chris Howard, used as references).

The Auckland official website gives a lot of information about the city in general (mainly from a tourist perspective).

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