Life Leverage: my new nonfiction project

I pay the bills with IT support, and I write novels because I love it, but I'm also building up a practice as a hypnotherapist and health coach because I find that very fulfilling and want to make it my career.

Over at my Hypno NZ site I've just announced Life Leverage: Simple techniques to improve your health and wellbeing.

The project is a book-and-CD combo, with the hypnotherapy tracks on the CD supporting the lifestyle changes that the book talks about making.

I've created a mailing list where you can sign up for updates on this and my other hypnotherapy-related projects, such as audio recordings and videos. The idea is to assess demand so that I can decide what kind of a print-and-distribution model to adopt.

If health is a topic that interests you, please take a look. I try to stay on the scientific end of the health advice spectrum and make sure that my recommendations are well supported, but at the same time treat human beings as human beings and not squishy machines.

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