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Happy New Year. Just thought I’d alert you to Goodreads, which is a great social site for people who enjoy books. You can rate and review books, discuss them in groups, see what your friends are reading and so forth. … Continue reading

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Preorders open for Changing Health Behaviours

It’s the end of the year – time to finish projects. I know you came here for the fiction, so I’ll be brief in mentioning that my non-fiction project Changing Health Behaviours is now available for preorder at a special … Continue reading

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Gu is finished (sort of), and future projects

I’ve just posted the last episode of Gu, so if you were waiting until it was finished to start reading, the first episode is here. I have several candidates for a next project. I thought about running a poll here, … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing with Wordle, a Net toy which takes any text and produces an attractive “word cloud” based on the frequency of particular words in the text. The layout and colours are purely decorative. Here’s this blog, demonstrating that … Continue reading

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Life Leverage: my new nonfiction project

I pay the bills with IT support, and I write novels because I love it, but I’m also building up a practice as a hypnotherapist and health coach because I find that very fulfilling and want to make it my … Continue reading

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The City of Masks storygame

One of my excuses for delaying publication of City of Masks was, for a while, the City of Masks storygame. I was going to include it in the book, but I eventually realized that while the novel was finished, the … Continue reading

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Any questions?

I enjoyed doing those interviews with Evelyn – I hope you enjoyed them too. I’d love to answer your questions about City of Masks. You can post them in the comments or email me (masks at csidemedia dot com). If … Continue reading

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Collaborators wanted

I’m looking for one or more artist collaborators for a couple of graphic novel projects. I see them as following the free webcomic/POD print version model. Project 1: Guardian of the Gates. A young thief-girl is sent to steal an … Continue reading

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Video interview 4 – innocence, themes, language, voices and the Countess

The last of the four interview videos. I’ve uploaded this one at higher resolution (“broadband” instead of “ISDN”). I may go back and do the same for the second and third (the first is at about the same resolution as … Continue reading

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Video interview 3 – Juliana, postmodernism and transmodernism

Here’s video interview 3 of 4. Evelyn and I discuss: Is Juliana really virtuous? And what might the Characterists and Personalists represent in our real world? Here’s the transcript (the video also has subtitles, but I’ve just played it and … Continue reading

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