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Guping is on its way

Just found this BBC article about “beaming” yourself into avatars. Reality is catching up with my fiction. Oh, and this: brain-scan-controlled robot. Thanks to Larissa Hammond for these.

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Reviews and Responses

I recently talked to someone I know on Google+ about _Gu_ and he picked it up and read it. He totally gets it, as this blog post shows: It’s Gu-tastic!. And another Plusser, in a non-public post on G+ itself, … Continue reading

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Gu, the Kindle edition

Having recently discovered how damn easy it is, I’ve published Gu in a Kindle edition. At the moment, only Kindle – I’m giving their KDP Select thing a whirl, where you give it to them exclusively for 90 days, so … Continue reading

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New novel: The Gryphon Clerks

Gu readers, I’ve started a new novel, The Gryphon Clerks. Heroic steampunk-fantasy civil servants. Go now and subscribe to updates!

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New novel: The Y People

Just to let anyone know who’s subscribed to this blog but not City of Masks: Over there, I’ve started a new novel called The Y People. (That link is to Chapter 1.) It’s quite different from Gu, but then, almost … Continue reading

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City of Masks on Authonomy

I’ve just added my previous novel City of Masks on Authonomy, which is a website Harper-Collins Publishers have set up to get the reading public to help them choose books for publication. If you want to help me out, especially … Continue reading

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And that’s all he wrote. For now, anyway. I may eventually, when things are slow, revise this and put it on Lulu, but it hasn’t generated much interest so far and I have other projects to move onto. It’s short … Continue reading

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You are Callie Arnold again, being interviewed by Halwaz in your home. “You have become something of a celebrity, haven’t you?” she asks. You flush. Clearly there is an emotional charge to this word. “Not really by choice. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Professor Allan Scott is dressed in a girl’s school uniform, a blonde wig, and robes, and reading a volume entitled Hogwarts: A History. He puts it down and smiles at us welcomingly through his now rather incongruous white beard. “Yupe,” … Continue reading

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“Any communications technology is, sooner or later, going to be used for a sexual purpose,” you say. “No, scratch that – there’s no ‘sooner or later’. Sooner.” Reverse shot to Halwaz’s perspective, revealing that you began this scene from the … Continue reading

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