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Unconstrained Morph

You are Bill Davidman, and you are exercised. This is quite usual. “You see, exing that clip, what I’m struck by is the dishonesty underneath the apparent frankness,” you say to Halwaz. “That last remark. ‘There’s nothing like an economic … Continue reading

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Cracking Gu

Footage: A carnival float. Cheerful people in anime coses are waving from it. Suddenly, their coses attack them and they fall thrashing and choking to the ground. Reset: Same float. This time, the coses suddenly stiffen, then lurch from the … Continue reading

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To Protect and to Serve

We’re back at the Gu launch again. By now everyone has been served canap├ęs. The attendees have twisted round in their seats and are watching the two Gu figures put down their trays at the back of the room, which … Continue reading

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