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Exclusive to my mailing list subscribers, this collection of Gryphon Clerks short fiction consists of ten stories totalling almost 50,000 words.

Gnome Day: A young Gryphon Clerk helps out on Gnome Day, and so begins a story of love, friendship, tragedy and longing.

Good Neighbours: Mistress Prudence is quite used to having dwarves living in the basement. She rather likes them, in fact, even though Mister Sinter never says much and young Two has such a heavy accent. So when Human Purity protesters throw a stone through Mister Sinter's window, she feels she has to stand up to them...

Not Like Us: A beasthead clan leader encounters both prejudice and aid from humans in this side story to the novel Beastheads.

Intrusion: A gnome whose dwarven master plots an attack on technology used by humans and free gnomes must walk a dangerous line between service and resistance. (Characters recur in the novel Capital Crimes.)

Realmgolds' Guard: A three-way contest decides who will hold the prestigious position of the Realmgolds' elite guard. (Novelette.)

Vegetation: A light little story about petty politics in the Gulfport Vegetation Association, which looks after the former elvish city's public plants.

Where Is Your Breath?: An unlikely friendship between a smelly shaman and a young rural minister of religion upsets those around them.

Skyboat to Three Brothers Springs: Looking back from middle age, a Gryphon Clerk remembers his first love.

Fluff: An aristocratic young woman comes to work at a fundraising business, sent by her interfering aunt. She seems harmless, scatterbrained even. Nothing to worry about at all... (A prequel or prologue to a possible future Gryphon Clerks novel, Cut Crystal and Broken Glass.)

Mama Bear: As the military skyship Resolute prepares for sky trials, its newest young officer must convince gruff Commander River that he isn't the useless aristocratic snot she thinks he is. (The Resolute and its crew are likely to get an extended mission in a future novel, currently entitled Flight of the Resolute. Think steampunk Star Trek and you won't be in completely the wrong ballpark.)

You also get exclusive access to a novella in the Gryphon Clerks series, which follows on from the Hope novels and features the same characters (in the same time period as Mister Bucket for Assembly).

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