Via Babelcube, I've connected with several translators who have rendered some of my books into their own languages. Here's a list of the books and how to get them.

Realmgolds (Gryphon Clerks series)

In Italian translation by Carmelo Massimo Tidona as Aureoregnanti:

Available from:

Hand of the Trickster

In Italian translation by Elisa Pardini and Maria Giulia Cecchini as La Mano dell'Ingannatore:

Available from:

City of Masks

In French translation by Marie Chartier as La Cité des Masques:

Available from:

In Spanish translation by Maria Emilia Ruiz as Ciudad de Mascaras:

Available from:

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Mike Reeves-McMillan lives in Auckland, New Zealand, the setting of his Auckland Allies contemporary urban fantasy series; and also in his head, where the weather is more reliable, and there are a lot more wizards. He also writes the Gryphon Clerks series (steampunk/magepunk), the Hand of the Trickster series (sword-and-sorcery heist capers), and short stories which have appeared in venues such as Compelling Science Fiction and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.