Active Hedger

An inquiry agent, young, and just getting established at the time of MBFA. "A slender young man with an engaging grin, he wore a grey twill hat and a matching jacket over a round-collared dark blue shirt. The blue hinted gently at professional status, but light-brown trousers prevented it from being part of a Victory suit and suggested a tradesman. He could have had any of fifty occupations, and nobody passing him in the street would look twice at him."
Inclined to set the hat at a cocky angle. He's attracted to Briar Heathlake, but being a professional, doesn't act on it.
Speaks, or at least understands, Dwarvish to some degree.
Gets assaulted by Silent Rock and Talker Tree when his inquiries about Truculent Roper become known.
Later impresses the Realmgolds' Agents enough to be invited to join them, after saving Braise from an assassination attempt and helping to track down evidence against Roper.
Has a habit of whistling between his teeth, which annoys Briar (she subconsciously associates it with the teacher who took advantage of her when she was at school).