Asterist Scholar

An Asterist scholar is not a priest. He or she is more like a rabbi. Priesthood, in Asterism, belongs to the head of a family.

Asterist scholars are trained in theology, liturgy, mathematics, astronomy and music, and often in other disciplines such as history. At one time a few generations ago, all teachers were Asterist scholars (except for some mages, who taught as part of their profession), and many teachers still are. All Asterist scholars know some Elvish, though it may not be much in some cases.

In some rural areas, the Asterist scholar is still the main literate person (apart from the Localgold's clerk, who may not be helpful to the peasantry), and most Coppers, though Earthist, will go to the scholar for help with anything that relates to reading or writing.

An Asterist scholar is required to belong to one of the Asterist Orders, if geographically feasible, and in any case to adopt one of the Rules.

Asterist scholars wear distinctive three-cornered hats. Scholars of Oversight wear three-lobed hats.

The hierarchy, which is primarily administrative, goes:

Student (not yet qualified, but bound to a Rule)
Scholar-minor (some training, may be admitted to a Scholars' Order)
Scholar (fully trained)
Senior Scholar (some significant responsibilities under the local Scholar of Oversight; roughly equivalent to a localgold)
Scholar of Oversight (more or less a local bishop; typically, in a largely Asterist area, responsible for an area about county size)
Regional Scholar of Oversight (responsible for a province, typically)
Senior Regional Scholar of Oversight (responsible for a realm or even a larger area)