Council of Mages

Each realm has a Council of Mages to regulate and license magic practitioners. The Council administers the ranking system (see magic), imposes discipline, and represents the magical community.

At the time of Hope and the Patient Man, the Koskander Council of Mages had not yet combined with its Denninger counterpart. Its chair was Honesty of Heatherbrook, also the editor of the journal Magical Research. It met in Gulfport, in an Elven-Empire-style building with rounded corners and plants woven through the structure. The meeting room held a U-shaped table, with Honesty at Heatherbrook holding the chair at the curve of the U and other members sitting down the outside of the arms. (The gap inside allowed waiters and assistants to bring things to the members without reaching over their shoulders.)

Members include Purposeful (straight hair, more white than black); Courteous; Curiosity (younger than most of the others, in her late 40s); Significant of Ashling, father of Resplendence of Ashling.