A mainly desert country made up largely of the Great Dry, Hizmay has historically been a base for pirates preying on the shipping of the Gulf of Koskant and the coast to the north and south of the Gulf. The north coast of Hizmay is known as the Corsair Coast, and piracy and other lawlessness continues there unchecked, but the capital of Hizmay Port, on the southern shore of the Gulf at its western end, is the seat of a Realmgold who has practical control over the gulf coast portion of the realm.

Hizmay is usually regarded as a client state of Koskant (later Koslin), but there are limits to its compliance. The Realmgold's heir is attending the University of Illene, and is generally well-disposed to Koslin, but her father, the current Realmgold, delights in asserting his realm's independence in any way that won't provoke outright reprisals. Occasionally, he miscalculates.