The Realmgold awards both military and civilian honours.

Silver honours indicate doing one's duty, but especially well, while gold honours indicate going above and beyond one's duty.

An honour endorsed with a sun indicates bravery, and with a moon indicates intelligence.

The award for Recognition of Injury in the Line of Duty is hexagonal. Third class (copper) is for an injury from which the person is expected to recover fully and be able to continue to serve (possibly with scars), second class (silver) for a permanent disability which would normally prevent further active service, and first class (gold) for loss of a limb or the use of a limb.

Long in abeyance, the rank of Honour Gold fell out of use in Koskant because a cash-strapped realmgold was selling it to replenish his coffers. A famous political cartoon shows him saying to a fat merchant, "It's quite simple: you give me the gold, and I give you the honour." This was several generations back, however, and Victory plans to revive the rank, possibly in order to annoy the Gold class.