Lakeside Koslin

Capital of Denning, located at the point where the Sea of Turfrae drains into the Koslin River. The river is on the south, the lake on the east and several low hills on the north. It is almost impossible to defend against modern weapons.

The plaza in front of the public library is often used for speechmaking from the library steps.

It is the demesne of a Countygold, like most significant cities. Prior to Unification, this Countygold was responsible for the city guard. The Countygold at the time of the Unification War was a woman who declared allegiance to the Realm Benefit Party, and was replaced by Localgold Abundance Northroad.

At the Farmers' Gate on the north side, the North Road enters the city and becomes the Avenue of Triumph. Nearby, Bakers' Lane leads to Heritage Plaza, an area of Hexagon-era Elven buildings dating back to the days of the Empire, when the city was an imperial port serving the Isle of Turfrae.

The nearby Realmgold's Woods is a dense forest preserve. Fisk is not far beyond it.