Lizard People

Height Average: 3'6"/105cm Range: 3'/90cm to 4'/120cm
Appearance The size of a gnome, bipedal, with a lizard tail, gills and a lizard's head, but the torso and hands similar to a gnome's.
Relations with Other Races: Dwarves Allies and trading partners.
Origin Unknown, assumed to be magical.
Location Underground streams and lakes throughout the continent; swamps.

Lizard people are a cheerful, diminutive race who inhabit watercourses and pools underground, plus swamps and marshes near where underground streams emerge. They trade with the dwarves for tools, mainly fishing spears and the like, for which they exchange valuable minerals found in the watercourses. It is speculated that they were created from gnome stock for the purpose of retrieving these minerals, which would otherwise be inaccessible to dwarves, but no historical record of their creation exists. If this is actually their origin, presumably they were created under a highly unusual contract by the Elves, who alone would have had the necessary skill. They speak a language derived from Dwarvish, but with many archaic features.
Because they live much of their lives in darkness, all lizard people learn by puberty to create magical lights which accompany them as they swim, at a short distance so that they do not draw attack onto the lizard people themselves. They also use magic to locate valuables underwater and to hunt their food (primarily fish). They generally do not use much other magic and have a simple material culture.

Several tribes of lizard people inhabit the swamp on the northern side of the Inland Sea.