Magical Creatures

A number of magical creatures have been created, largely by the elves, whose bioengineering skills were considerable in the days of the Empire. Gryphons, wyverns (like a dragon, but with no forelegs) and unicorns are only three of the rare and peculiar beasts to be found in remote regions. More familiar and more utilitarian are the agricultural beasts bred and magically altered from ancient templates.
The most common, perhaps, are medicattle, which produce medicines in their milk and which are largely responsible for the relative rarity of epidemic disease in the Great Land. They are farmed alongside medical herbs, many of high potency.

The couriers of the White clan from over the mountains ride flying horses.

Water horses are used in rivers and at sea as mounts and to tow boats. They are horselike in the head, though sleeker and without much in the way of external ears, like a seal. Their forehooves have been replaced by large paddling limbs with webbed feet, and their hind legs are fused together and terminate in flukes. Their hair is also seal-like, and they have a layer of fat below the skin to keep them warm.

Sparksheep produce a significant ingredient of a primitive polymer instead of wool. They are so called because they sometimes build up an electric charge. Their wool is combined with several different plant materials to make hardwearing cloth or a malleable substance which can be formed into useful items and then set by baking.

Guardian Dogs are large, intelligent dogs used to guard valuables, locations, merchant caravans or people. They stand about rib-high on an average human male. They have been interbred with ordinary dogs (no purebreds were left behind by the elves at the Fall of the Elven Empire, and they had to be bred back over generations). They vary in the degree of their special abilities, but all of them can communicate by a form of simple, wordless telepathy with their handlers (conveying sensory impressions to the handler and receiving commands from the handler such as an ordinary intelligent dog could understand); be magically aware of the location of a number of items or people or of the perimeter of an area that they are guarding; track those items or people or an intruder into that area; and disable fleeing miscreants with their unearthly howl (which affects only those they target). They cannot howl and pursue simultaneously.

Naturally, spells and talismans have been developed to render people undetectable to Guardian Dogs and protect them from their howls. Equally naturally, these are illegal to create, own or use in most places which have the rule of law. Still naturally, this doesn't always stop people.