New Koslinmouth

The new capital of the United Realm of Koslin, situated on the eastern side (formerly the Koskant side) of the Koslin River at its mouth. Old Koslinmouth, provincial capital of Southcliffs in former Denning, lies opposite. The two are linked by ferries and the Narrows Bridge, which crosses at the point where the river emerges from a gorge.

The bluffs through which the river passes hem the city in to the north, and wealthy people have their mansions there.

The city's north-south axis is Realmgolds' Way, joining the sports ground Victory Park in the south to the botanical gardens in Determined Park in the north. The east-west axis is Clerk Street, running from the docks in the east to Assembly Way in the west, the limits of the city proper.

The most important and prestigious offices stand at the four corners of Clerk and Realmgolds’: Trade and Industry; Agriculture, Horticulture, and Fisheries; Education, Knowledge, and Research; and Realm Affairs, which covers health, the census, the Post Office, elections, and the civil service itself. The Central Post Office is incorporated into the Department of Realm Affairs. In the middle of the intersection stands the clock known as the Realmgold, which is the master clock for all official clocks throughout the realm; many of them are synchronized with it through magical sympathy. The actual works of the clock are in the four offices, which feed signals via cable to the four-faced clock display, on a pillar in the middle of the crossroads. 

Beyond Assembly, Clerk Street becomes East Street, leading through an industrial area that supports the city proper, but isn't under the city authorities. The Eastside is known for its slums (housing the workers in the industrial area), and also for Clubland, a cluster of membership clubs just beyond Assembly Way. Some of them serve specific groups like the members of the Assembly, members of the press, or visiting clerks as a combination of club and hotel, but others offer some combination of live entertainment, gambling, prostitution, and drugs.

The city planners, wanting to avoid the notorious congestion that plagues Gulfport, provided a comprehensive tram service in the city, which is free (paid for out of city funds, which are drawn from property; the city owns all land and buildings, though businesses build and maintain them, and this funds city services). There's also the podways, a system of freight capsules for anything up to about the size of a bag of flour, running through the utility tunnels under the streets. These tunnels also carry, below a metal grate for service gnomes to walk on, wastewater, grey water, and (not in a pipe) stormwater; in a pipe on one side of the tunnel, fresh water; the podway on the other side of the tunnel, along with steam in an insulated pipe; and, overhead, compressed air and the glass cables that transmit light, data (encoded as light) for the Realm Ledger, and control signals for other services (like the trams and the podways themselves).