Patient Carver

Woodcarver, resident in Redbridge. Pleasant, open face, wavy hair.

Oathmate of Hope at Merrybourne, who tells him that his hair smells of cedar shavings and wood oil. He calls her breasts Glory and Splendour. Glory is the right one, and has a mole.

Has potential to be trained as a mage-minor in mindmagic.

Formerly a part-time member of the wardens, which resulted in a military callup in the Unification War. During this callup, he was injured by a crossbow bolt through the left thigh. Despite this injury, he reached his unit in time to warn them of enemy action, for which he received the Realmgold's Military Honour, Gold, with Sun and Moon and the Recognition of Injury in the Line of Duty, Second Class (a hexagonal silver decoration). He now walks with a carved dragon-headed cane, which has pain-relief spells on it.

He has a lot of body hair, and a number of scars from his craft in addition to those from his military service.

As well as his carving skill, he is a competent cook, and a local champion in throwing knives.

He met Hope while they were waiting in line to find out where they needed to go to be awarded their respective honours.

Neighbour Productive Victualler.