New problems caused by the union of Koskant and Denning:
1. Impoverished half and prosperous half (like reunified Germany)
2. Perception in Denning that Koskant has taken over
3. Resentment in Koskant of help (money) given to Denning
4. Resistance by Denning Golds to centralizing Koskant-style
5. Shortage of Gryphon Clerks leading to problems in Koskant as well as Denning
6. Continued racial prejudice against dwarves and gnomes in Denning (and Koskant, to a much lesser degree)
7. Perception of imperial ambition, especially over the Turfrae question
8. Opposition to the treaty with the beastheads (signed with Koskant, not Denning)
9. Beastheads not happy to be uniting with recent aggressors, reduced odds of one of their own becoming Realmgold
10. Denninger intellectuals largely Human Purity believers
11. Most of the rest of Denning uneducated
12. Cultural clashes over minor differences, mutual stereotyping
13. What to do with unrepentant Human Purity advocates who didn’t openly participate in rebellion
14. What to do with Golds who did openly rebel
15. What to do with soldiers who fought for rebellion if they won’t take the oath
16. Ex-RBP soldiers not only not paid for their service, but some have to do unpaid community service as reparation - impact on their families
17. Exiling of RBP leadership
18. Perception that Victory is actually the ruler and Determined is the junior partner at best
19. Veterans’ dislike of rapprochement with centaurs
20. Diversion of resources to beastheads and Denning resented in Eastern Province