The most reliable transport mechanism, given the poor roads, is via rivers, the Gulf of Koskant and the Sea of Turfrae. Steamers sail all of these, as well as the older-style sailing ships.

Land transport is mostly by horse and cart/wagon/carriage. In the cities, horse buses and horse cabs are used. The invention of the airhorse starts to change that, but they are initially expensive.

Air travel is mainly used by the military at first, because of the expense of flight crystals. The Gryphon skyboats (holding up to eight people plus the pilot) are used for small-scale rapid transport of dignitaries or to apply rapid, targeted military force; in military contexts, they carry swivel-mounted rapid-firing pressure guns operated by a gunner. They have twin rudders, are jet-propelled, and have folding wings which are usually deployed once they have risen into the air, and are used more for maneuvering than for lift. A canopy covers them, part of it folding back when the swivel gun is fitted.

The Victorious-class skyfrigates are used for larger-scale transport and disaster relief, and have a gun deck with multiple pressure cannon firing through ports, plus a heavy gun mounted on the aft upper deck. The frigates also carry two Gryphons each, and several Mantas, unpowered gliders with flight crystals that carry a single person and are used as reconnaissance aircraft.

For reasons of weight, most aviators are women.

Following Gnome Day, a number of dwarfholds began to create a network of underground railway lines between them to foil the laws requiring gnome emancipation if gnomes entered the territory of the realm of Koslin.