Clerks’ College

The Gryphon Clerks' College is a highly respected institution already, even though it's only been established for a short time.

Curriculum at the Clerks' College:

  • Communication - includes report writing, instructional writing.
  • Negotiation
  • Administration - project management, form design, budgeting, office systems and procedures, analysing and creating new processes and procedures.
  • Mind - includes understanding people's "buttons"
  • Creative Response - how to improvise a good outcome, strategy, tactics, creative thinking, generating new ideas. In balance with Administration.
  • Leadership
  • Law and Government
  • World Knowledge - science, anthro, sociology, geography, history

Instructors include:

Mercy: iron-haired, tendency to pace and gesture, teaches Administration and Creative Response.
Joy: fiftyish, tall, practical shoes; her office is just this side of chaotic, with a desk covered in papers but a clear floor and neatly filed rows of folders. Capable of great expressionlessness.
(Neither of these characters have appeared; they were in earlier drafts, but got cut.)