Clever Man’s Works

The lab and manufactory associated with Dignified Printer, the Realmgold's clever man. Staffed mainly by gnomes, including Gizmo, Wheel and Bucket.

Originally under the supervision of a dwarf named Leverage of Finestone and Gulfport, universally despised by the gnomes and, as it turns out, an industrial spy for the dwarves.

The maintenance foreman is Grease, and the production foreman is Lathe until he resigns when Wheel is promoted to manage it.

Other gnomes working there are named Straightedge (one of the planners, Wheel's successor as senior planner), Linkage (one of Lathe's department, slow on the uptake), Gear, Mill (oathbound, with a new baby at the time of Hope and Briar's housewarming), Chisel (does custom sculpting), Tally (cousin of Mistress Pintuck), Grease (maintenance foreman, plump and placid).

The Works moves across the river to a new building opposite the Research Institute at the time of Mister Bucket for Assembly. This is known as the New Works.