Lanka: an island delicacy.

Fish done in a rub or crumb of spices, a favourite of Bucket.

Stew in a loaf, the specialty of Honey's Tavern.

Stuffed loaf, the equivalent of pizza in that it's a popular, fairly inexpensive but filling takeaway meal and can contain various meats and vegetables. The fillings are stuffed inside a large cob loaf after being mixed with the removed crumbs from the centre of the loaf and cooked with a broth.

Dumplings, Rosie Printer's favourite meal, sold at Leaf's near the lab.

Chick-pea rollups, sold by a takeaway bar near the lab.

Sweetcakes and calliver juice, Rosie's favourite snack as a child.

The Order of Westfields is a dietary plan used by the Gold class, in particular, to maximise their health and vitality.

Nine Treasures Soup: has three sky, three earth and three water elements, and is traditionally served at Asterist oathbindings. It's considered auspicious if everyone gets all of the elements.

Byesh: a staple of the beastheads, a mushy, mealy substance pounded out of a large tuber.

Hotbark: a spice.

Crumb bread: a coarse gnomish bread with the crumbs of the previous batch mixed through it.

Mister Bucket for Assembly spends considerable time on food and who gets to prepare it; in gnomish/dwarven culture, preparing food is the domain of gnome women, and gnome men only do so in all-male environments such as a trading caravan.