Rosie Printer

Born Industry of Rosewall. Rosie was originally a byname, based both on her name of affiliation and also on the fact that she is unusually pale-skinned and blushes readily.

Her great-grandmother on her mother's side was the inventor of the pressure gun, and she is descended on her father's side from a localgold of Rosewall (not closely enough to count as Gold Class).

She is first seen as an investor in the airhorse. She manages some of her family's money, very competently.

Gave up her family connections and wealth and changed her name in order to oathbond with Dignified Printer.

Associated Characters

  • Mother: Admiration Merchant
  • Father: Punctual of Rosewall (called "Early" by his oathmate) - when parents are interrogating her (or, presumably, her siblings) they speak in turn as a double act
  • Siblings: Punctual, Opportunity and Constant
  • Family butler: Courageous

She is thin and awkward, with flyaway hair and large spectacles. Speaks, as do all her family, in a "high" style using a large vocabulary. Good mathematician and competent inventor (trained in engineering at the University of Illene), creator of an adding machine and a calculating machine.

Briar Heathlake and Hope at Merrybourne helped her with a makeover, after which she gave up wearing the fashionable but unflattering clothes her mother bought for her in favour of outfits created by Mistress Pintuck.