Isle of Turfrae

Former seat of the Elven Empire, the Isle of Turfrae now hosts the university known as the College of Ancient Turfrae. Most of the city that formerly covered the island is deserted and overgrown, including many of the villas owned by high-ranking elves. The university, and the town that serves it, occupy only the harbour area. However, this was the city centre in Empire times, and most of the great historic buildings that played important roles in the Imperial government are now part of the university campus.

The Code of Willing was proclaimed in the marketplace of Turfrae.

Some of the plants and animals on the island are products of elven lifemagic; a few of them are dangerous.

The Isle is located in the Inland Sea. It is not part of any realm, and is governed by the University Council. Any attempt by nearby realms (that is, by Koslin) to dominate it politically would be seen as a sign of imperial ambitions, so there's a tightrope to walk when exerting influence on the Council, for example, to oppose Human Purity tendencies at the university.