College of Ancient Turfrae

Established relatively recently on the Isle of Turfrae, the former site of the capital of the Elven Empire (the "ancient" in the title technically qualifies "Turfrae" and not the college). The College mainly serves Denning, though students do go there from Koskant and even further afield. Most educated Denningers are graduates, including practically all of the Gold class. Both Admirable Silverstones and Determined attended, at around the same time.

Ancient Turfrae was the centre of the Human Purity ideology. After the Unification War, the Realmgolds Victory and Determined had words with the faculty about this.

Tenacious Northriver's abortive attack on the beastheads was launched from Turfrae, and most of his troops were students. Those who survived and were captured were offered the opportunity of becoming Gryphon Clerks, and many accepted.