Koslin Castle

Built after the Union of Koslin at the mouth of the Koslin River, inside a granite sea-stack, Koslin Castle is the home of the joint Realmgolds.

On the southern side, mirrors track the sun and reflect it into light-wells.

The castle is reached by a pair of air-ferries which run from either side of the river. There's also a dock at the base for supplies to be brought in.

At the heart of the castle is a magnificent library, three stories high, filled with shelves and wrought-iron stairs and accessways, the accessways themselves lined with low bookcases (low enough to lean on and look down to the floor below).

The hollowing-out of the sea stack employed a number of dwarven and gnomish craftspeople who would otherwise have been working on the tunnel through the Earth Mother's Rafters. The expense of these craftspeople was frequently brought up by conservative Golds, the Gulfport Herald, and Tried and True Party members of the Assembly.