Tried and True Party

The Tried and True Party are an anti-Victory group, consisting largely of Golds and wealthy Silvers who benefited from the policies and patronage of Realmgold Glorious. They oppose Victory's reforms and changes and want to return to the "good old days" of Glorious.

The leader of the Tried and Trues is Glorious's son Magnanimous, Provincegold of Gulfhead, who has never got over a) being taken to task by the younger Victory at their mutual school for bullying and b) the fact that by tradition he could not succeed his father.

Tried and Trues typically dress in the highly ornamented manner affected by Glorious, in contrast to the simpler style of Victory.

With the advent of the Assembly, the Tried and Trues transition from a pressure group of discontented magnates to a true political party, though many of their leaders, as Golds who hold demesnes, are not qualified to stand for election. They use their influence through the newspapers - the Gulfport Herald, the Dawn Declarer and the Lantern of Koskant - to drum up support, mainly among the urban Coppers and the lower end of the Silver class. They make a certain amount of common cause with the Reversionist Party, a rump of the Denninger Realm Benefit Party which wants a return to the pre-Unification, pre-Gnome Day status.