Following the elvish model, all forces are "joint" forces. There is no separate Navy or Air Force, since these are seen as parallel to the difference between infantry and cavalry - differences in the way people get around, not a reason to have a separate command structure.

In the case of Koskant, all public safety and security forces are under the military command structure, including village, town or city wardens (police - along the lines of the French gendarmes, who are military - but also responsible for search and rescue, disaster response and organizing people in response to any threat, natural or human), court and prison officers, Golds’ bodyguards, coastal defence (including the fishing fleet, who are reservists), and the intelligencers of the Realmgold's Agents.

There is both a standing force, paid permanently, and a levy force or reserve, who train periodically and are paid for the time they spend training or performing their duties in the case of a call-up. Permanents outrank levies of the same nominal rank.

Military ranks literally translate as "Commander of..." and a number. In actual practice these numbers are approximate, and many officers have non-command duties. Numbers begin at 3 (a lance-corporal), and multiply by 3 at each level, following ancient elvish practice.

A commander at most levels will only have two of the next lowest rank reporting to him or her, and will command the third group (of whatever size it is) directly.

Rank insignia consists of a number of circles. After three small solid circles, the fourth insignia is one larger outlined circle, then a large and a small, a large and two small and so on.

There are only ever three circles across the rank bar, which is worn on the right shoulder so that it can be seen from in front or behind. Smaller circles are set within the larger, and the arrangement is always symmetrical, so a single circle is centered, and a pair are set on either end.

The background colour of the rank bar (and the inner area of the larger, outline circle) denotes service distinction. A copper bar indicates no particular distinction, a silver bar that the serviceperson has served commendably in the previous year and shown military virtue above the average, and a gold bar that the serviceperson has shown exceptional service, bravery or devotion to duty at some point in the past (unlike the silver distinction, it is not annual but for life).

The colour of enamel of the rank circle denotes the kind of duties that the serviceperson holds. Commanders have dark blue symbols, their assistants light blue. Red indicates medical, white administrative, green logistics, and purple specialists.

Symbols on the left shoulder indicate special training. For example, a ship's wheel indicates a qualified steersperson, and a winged ship's wheel a qualified pilot. The level of qualification is indicated by filled or hollow circles like the rank insignia, only smaller, along a bar at the bottom of the symbol. In theory this allows for 15 levels, although few if any skills actually have that many distinct levels.

Specialities include:

* Navigator (dividers, or winged dividers for air)
* Mechanic
* Sailing master
* Small-boat sailor
* Swordsman
* Archer
* Rifleman
* Tactician
* Strategist

As well as the gold bar distinction, small circular medallions are issued to hang beneath the rank bar at the front. These may indicate distinguished service in particular campaigns, long service, or achievements such as bravery in the face of the enemy or in a natural disaster, rescuing comrades, wounds received in action and so forth. Like the rank symbols, they are hung in such a way that the total arrangement is always symmetrical and no more than three wide. See also Honours.

Under the United Realm, uniforms are a pale grey-green colour.

Approximate equivalents to Earth/Western military ranks, and the theoretical number commanded:

Private: 1

Lance-corporal: 3

Corporal: 9

Sergeant: 27

2nd lieutenant: 81

Lieutenant: 243

Captain: 729

Major: 2187

Lieutenant-Colonel: 6561

Colonel: 19,683

Brigadier: 59,049

General: 177,147