There are several styles of music.

Copper peasant music includes dance music, with a steady thumping beat and a swirling melody; Heart and Bird, with a steady "heart" beat and a soaring melody, used in non-dancing contexts and as a trance practice; or folk song, with a repeating melody of limited range. Instruments include skin drums, stringed instruments such as the harp and the (guitar-like) ninestring, cranked humboxes, and pipes or flutes of various sizes.

The Asterist temple teaches a very formal, crystalline choral music, sung a capella, descended from Elven models.

Golds and Silvers often learn the orchestron, a hybrid instrument also inherited from the elves. It consists of long tubes (wood or, in modern instruments, often metal) with strings strung inside them, extending out so that the player can pluck the strings with the stems of small hammers, rub them with the backs of the hammers, hit them with the hammers, or hit the tubes with the hammers. A bellows arrangement also makes air available to blow through the tubes, controlled by the player's feet on a set of pedals. This makes for a flexible, rich instrument of many timbres, used for melodies ranging from the formal temple music to the popular Copper-style music. The ninestring is also played.

Beastheads use complex overlapping drum rhythms in their rituals, and chant chorally, typically most of the line on a single note with a change or flourish at the end.

Gnomes chant responsively, the leader chanting verses while the backing chorus keep a four-beat by repeating short phrases interspersed with nonsense syllables. Leadership periodically changes.