The following newspapers exist:

The Koskander: a supporter of Victory and, later (renamed as the Kosliner), of the Unification Party. Staff include Dependable Newswriter, who has charge of the gnome page, and Clarity Mercer, the production manager.
The Gulfport Herald: a mouthpiece of the Tried and True Party
The Eye of Lakeside: opposed the Realm Benefit Party before and during the Unification War, during which it was forced to relocate to Six Gorges Province because of a lack of newsprint in Lakeside Koslin. Edited by Abundance Northroad, a Localgold later appointed as Countygold of Lakeside Koslin.
Realm Benefit: mouthpiece of the Realm Benefit Party, closed down after the Unification War. Boldness Newswriter was one of their reporters, and covered the Boulder Bend trial in Constance's court.
Lantern of Koskant, Dawn Declarer: tabloid-style newspapers, aimed at the lower end of the Silver class but owned by members of the Tried and Trues.
Illene Advertiser: a local paper in Illene.
Illustrated Gnome News: founded by Ladle under the sponsorship of Hammer.