Dignified Printer

The Realmgold Victory's "clever man". Mother died when he was young, he was apprenticed to his father (a printer) and maternal uncle (an inkmaker). Because of his improvements to their printing machinery and processes, the Realmgold Glorious's agents determined that they were the source of seditious material, and raided them, arresting Dignified (then aged 15) and his father. His uncle, out of the house at the time working on bombs, attempted to free his brother-in-law by explosive means, killing himself, Dignified's father and several others in the process. Dignified then spent a number of years in prison, until freed by Victory's amnesty on the 81st day of her reign.

While in prison he learned mathematics from an Asterist scholar, magic theory from a mage-minor, and mechanical engineering and the Dwarvish Language from Gizmo, all fellow prisoners.

After his release he became the centre of the Clever Man's Works.

Responsible along with Hope at Merrybourne for creation of the farviewers and farspeakers.

Thin, with no social skills to speak of, but an outstandingly brilliant inventor and theorist.

Oathmate: Rosie Printer.