Skycouriers ride skyhorses, winged white stallions which they capture in their native mountains by gradually taming them with apples. They use a form of mindmagic to bond to the skyhorses and communicate with them in a relationship of trust and collaboration more than mastery. The skyhorses are young males driven out of the herds by their fathers, and are more curious and intelligent than non-winged horses.

All skycouriers are women of the White clan of Montanus. They wear white flying suits and helmets with goggles, and sheepskin vests with the wool on the inside and feathers from their horses' wings on the outside. Attached to the back of the helmet is a scarf, which the courier wraps around her face while in flight.

Named skycouriers: Thorn White, based at Gulfport, whose horse is The Zephyr.

In Lakeside Koslin, at least, their arrival is announced by a horn.

The skycouriers rapidly experience technological obsolescence following the spread of farspeakers and skyboats. However, they were always used mainly by the wealthy and powerful, and retain a ceremonial role.