Port city, capital of the Realm of Koskant (until Unification) and of the Province of Gulfhead, at the mouth of the Halan River.

Features include:

  • Gryphon Clerks' College
  • Municipal Theatre (near Magnificence Plaza) - gilded carvings, purple velvet curtains; used as an assembly point on Gnome Day, and for Bucket's debate with Plait.
  • Magnificence Plaza, a hexagonal paved space with trees and statues, used for important public events
  • Realmgold's House, a government building facing onto Magnificence Plaza
  • the Great Park, adjacent to Magnificence Plaza
  • Gulfport Castle, official residence of the Realmgolds of Koskant for generations, up until Unification. Sprawling, labyrinthine and confusing.


  • Berry's, a famous restaurant/cafe on Magnificence Plaza, always open
  • (unnamed), expensive restaurant where Hope and Patient eat as a reward from the Realmgold for Hope's hard work


  • The Peerless, very swanky
  • Ferry Hotel, "not the best, but a long way from the worst"
  • Riverside, larger than the Ferry