A prematurely balding and greying Silver, the Realm Benefit Party's Secretary of Information.

Betrays his master, Admirable Silverstones, in order to protect his family in the Second Siege of Lakeside Koslin. Uses the codename Mole in order to do so.

He is subsequently given safe passage out of Koslin and a new identity in exchange for his cooperation, with special clemency for all incidents in which he was involved which he confessed.

He also deals for clemency for other leaders of the RBP. The deal he is offered is amnesty for ordinary members of the Party provided they take the loyalty oath and commit to participation in public works to restore war damage; fair criminal trials for those who have committed what would be crimes at any other time, without their RBP membership being considered as a factor either for or against; any Golds to be attainted from their position for treason, and replaced with a member of their family if available who is prepared to swear the loyalty vow, otherwise by someone of the Realmgolds' choice.