Siege of Lakeside Koslin

There were two sieges of Lakeside Koslin during the Unification War. The first, by Admirable Silverstones and the Realm Benefit Party's forces, led to the withdrawal of Determined to the Tussocklands along with his troops and a number of civilians (humans, gnomes and dwarves).

They left behind booby-traps, which Silverstones used civilians (mostly gnomes and dwarves) to spring, forcing them ahead of his troops. Determined sent in aerial forces to rescue them, but a number died early in the action, including women, children and old people.

The second siege, by Unification forces, was barely worthy of the name, since the RBP forces were first manipulated through the treachery of Steadfast into maneuvering out of the way of the loyalists, and then broke and surrendered when confronted with evidence that their leader had abandoned them.