Victory Suit

Named after Victory, who always wears a pure white one. Nobody else dares to wear one in white, and relative status is indicated by how pale one's Victory suit is. Very low-status people, such as newly qualified Junior Clerks, wear black or other very dark colours.

Professionals' suits tend to be blue or green. Businesspeople and merchants wear shades of brown. Gryphon Clerks wear greys.

Hope at Merrybourne has a ruby-red one to match the stone in her mage bracelet that indicates she is an energy mage.

A Victory suit is a shirt and trousers in the same colour, with no coloured pattern, cut simply. Victory wears one with a subtle pattern of flowers worked into its texture on the occasion of her oathbond ceremony.

The Victory suit is in deliberate contrast to the style associated with the previous Realmgold, Glorious, who dressed in a gaudy and extravagant fashion: elaborately-embroidered, gold-braided waistcoats, puffed and slashed sleeves, puff-leg trousers, hand-tooled leather boots with serpentine gilded patterns. Even though Victory's reign is even more economically prosperous than Glorious's, she cultivates an understated, elegant public aesthetic more or less by force of character.