Born 512. Full name: Victory Over the Threateners of the Realm Highcliffs. Personal seal: a gryphon, hence the name of the Gryphon Clerks.

Formerly Provincegold of Western (succeeding her grandfather; her father and uncle were killed fighting pirates), then Realmgold of Koskant, finally Co-Realmgold of Koslin.

Gizmo mentions in HATCM that when he and Dignified Printer were released in her 81st-day amnesty, it was growing season, which means her accession date was sometime during Sowing.

A visionary, highly intelligent woman who, at the age of 10, discovered an old Elvish spellbook that taught her powerful mindmagic. With immense discipline and concentration, she mastered it to the point of being able to project a continuous "glamour" that increases her charisma and helps her to influence others.

Without the glamour, she is a small, undistinguished-looking woman. She habitually dresses in a pure-white Victory suit, and wears her hair up in braids piled on top of her head.

Speaks very formally when in public, addressing her citizens, even one on one, as if they were a public meeting.

She is not given to detailed planning, preferring to build up a richness of resources so that she can respond creatively to any possible situation. Fond of quoting the Red General.

Her approach to staffing is to surround herself with competent, intelligent people, indoctrinate them so that they share her goals and philosophy, and let them get on with solving problems as they come up.

Her personal Gryphon pilot's name is Friendship.