The Assembly of Koslin is based on the Assembly of Mertven in the Hundred Counties, with some changes. It was designed by Perspicacity Weaver, a political philosopher who is one of the Realmgold's Creatives.

All adult citizens and residents of Koslin may vote for candidates and stand as candidates (except that persons convicted of treason, fraud, election manipulation or corruption may not stand, though they may vote, and Golds holding demesnes may neither stand nor vote). Any candidate who receives 65,000 votes (or nearest hexadecimal equivalent, actually 65,536) is elected. A candidate who receives more votes than that may pass on the excess to another candidate, named publicly in advance of the election. Candidates do not, therefore, necessarily represent a geographical constituency but a philosophical one.

There is a provision for a recall vote by the supporters of a given candidate under carefully specified circumstances. First, 4000 voters who voted for the candidate (one-sixteenth, nominally, but a smaller proportion if the candidate received votes that overflowed onto someone else) must, within the same sixteen-day period, register their intent to recall. An actual recall then requires an additional 32,500 votes (half the number needed to elect) on top of the sixteenth needed for the recall process to be triggered. All these votes must be from voters who originally voted for the candidate concerned.

For candidates elected by overflow, anyone who voted for a candidate who was a source of overflow to that candidate is also qualified to vote for recall, since they just receive a number of votes, not specific individual votes.

If multiple candidates are up for recall, and a voter qualifies to vote for more than one of them, they may only exercise their vote once.

If a recall succeeds, voters for the recalled candidate may vote for a replacement candidate, who requires only the same number of votes to be elected as the minimum number for the recall to succeed (nine-sixteenths of 65,000). If no replacement candidate receives this many votes, the recalled candidate is not replaced.

Several political parties form in the assembly, the members of which pass excess votes to one another and support one another in Assembly votes.

The Assembly debates laws (initially, integrating the laws of the two united realms) and votes on them. It is subject to overruling by the Realmgolds, though the Realmgolds exercise this power lightly and judiciously.