Political Parties

Prior to the creation of the Assembly, political parties were more like lobby groups. The most prominent were the Realm Benefit Party, which was the political face of Human Purity, largely active in Denning; the Tried and True party, a conservative, anti-Victory party which aligned behind the son of Realmgold Glorious and agitated for a return to Glorious's ways; and the Averi Group, a pro-Victory party, smaller and quieter than the Tried and Trues but engaged in a continual propaganda war with them, largely through the newspapers.

The Realm Benefit Party was proscribed as an illegal organisation after Unification.

Once the Assembly was created, the following parties formed and fielded candidates:

- Tried and True Party, seeking a return to the policies of Glorious;
- Unification Party, a pro-Realmgolds, pro-Unification party with widespread support among the gnomes, many humans in former Koskant and some in former Denning (Bucket and Briar Heathlake join this party in Mister Bucket for Assembly);
- Gnome Party, a party of more radical gnomes wanting further self-determination, among whom Bucket's ex-crush Plait is prominent;
- Reversionist Party, a rump of those members of the RBP who managed to escape prosecution or at least conviction for treason, supplemented with some more radical Tried and Trues, arguing for a return to the pre-Unification, pre-Gnome Day status;
- Dwarven Justice Party, a (small) party campaigning for compensation for the dwarves for the "confiscation" of gnomeservice. Victory is, of course, implacably opposed to this, since it would inherently acknowledge that the dwarves had owned the gnomes' service legitimately in the first place;
- New Dwarf Party, made up of New Dwarves who, by and large, accept the changes of Gnome Day, but want to protect dwarven interests;
- Workers' Party, a Copper party interested mainly in advancing Coppers, willing to work with the Unificationists for the most part and in opposition to the Tried and Trues, but with ties to the Workers' Co-op Association and thus to organised crime;
- Equal Wealth Party, based mainly in former Denning but with support from outlying areas of former Koskant, seeks acceleration of the development of these poorer regions to come up to the same level as the Koskander heartland.