Realmgold’s Creatives

The Realmgold's Creatives are artists, inventors, innovators, philosophers and the like who are supported by Victory in order that they may dedicate themselves to their creative work without worrying about where their next meal is coming from. She provides housing, medical care, and assistants whose job it is to make the creativity practical and, preferably, profitable.

The creatives may sell their works to anyone, but the Realmgold has first option, and takes an eighth of their profit if they sell to anyone else (as cost recovery). If a creative comes up with something that can be replicated, like an invention, they get license income - standard is 1/32nd of retail.

The Realmgold's representative to and from the creatives is her factor, a cheerfully out-of-shape, casual, matter-of-fact middle-aged man named Hardy Fuller.

Dignified Printer is initially under this scheme, until he is transferred to the Research Institute. So is the political philosopher Perspicacity Weaver.