Clothing Indicating Professions

Lawyers wear a round, shoulder-width, poncho-like piece of cloth (a chasublet). They also carry distinctive document satchels. For ordinary lawyers, the chasublet is black, but magistrates wear a grey one.

Healers wear a round hat, usually white, though mindhealers wear a black one.

Professors wear a long scarf hanging down either side of their front, like a stole.

An Asterist scholar wears a three-cornered hat. Scholars of Oversight wear a hat with three lobes.

Mages don't have a specific style of dress, except that they tend to wear "mage sleeves", three-quarter length to show their bracelets. Members of the Council of Mages wear garments like severely shrunken waistcoats (finishing just under the armpits), with puffy shoulders and gold braid.

Members of the military wear a fore-and-aft hat, with a badge indicating their branch of service.