Countygold of Blueclay, later Provincegold of Northriver and a member of the Inner Council of Koslin. Close supporter of Determined.

The county of Blueclay produces bricks and ceramics.

She is a keen gardener, aged in her early 50s, slight and grey-haired, needs reading glasses. Her family is not mentioned; she is either unmarried or a widow. She has sufficient mindmagic to detect that a truth-geis is in effect on a witness.

She served as a military officer in her youth in the war against Coriant.

During the trial regarding Pack of Sevenhills and the attack on his caravan, her acquaintance, the advocate Hopeful (with whom she has exchanged plant cuttings on occasion; a skinny man with a big blade of a nose), is injured, and the popeyed advocate with a receding chin and advancing teeth known as Trustworthy is killed by the bomb. Constance is protected by Tree Stonecircle.

The attackers in the case (all from the Pinegrove clan) include Root, Sky Tanner (the leader, killed by Tree's first arrow), Rock of the Hill (Sky's yes-man, killed by the second arrow), Moss Miller (killed by being kicked by a mule), Field, Hedge, and five other Coppers. Constance convicted them of banditry.

Constance forms a rapid friendship with Patience.