Determined to Triumph Over Adversity Stonygates, Realmgold of Denning, elected as a compromise candidate on the sudden accidental death of his uncle (horses and wine were involved).

Formerly a student of history at the College of Ancient Turfrae. Also holds mage-minor rank in mindmagic, and has studied law and government. Particular interest in the Code of Willing. He is slight, bookish and pale.

Great-great-grandmother: Prudence, who put the Provincegolds in charge of collecting and reporting the realmtax.

Another predecessor, Realmgold Might, swore an oath with her faithful maid Waterspring which served as the model for Reliable's oath to Determined.

Through his oathbond to Victory, becomes co-Realmgold of the United Realm of Koslin.

Personal seal: a pelican.

His personal Gryphon pilot's name is Brightness.